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Admin Page

ShipBoss Help Center : Admin Page

Admin Page

The admin Page is where you will manage invoices, manage users and roles, and order supplies.

To access your admin features, head over to the Admin tab.

View and Manage Invoices

The Invoices tab is where you may view and manage your shipping invoices.

You have to the option to filter your invoices by:

Payment Status

Invoice Number

Tracking Number

To view an Invoice, click the View Invoice icon on that invoice row.

The invoice will open in PDF format in a new browser tab which you may download.

To download the invoice as a regular CSV, click the Regular Format button and a CSV file will download.

To download the invoice in a compact CSV, click the Compact Format button and a CSV file will download

User Management and Roles

In ShipBoss, you have the option to add users to your account as needed and assign appropriate roles.

Adding a New User

In your “Admin” page, navigate to the User Management and Roles tab and click on the Create New User in the upper right of the screen. This will bring up the “Create New User” dialogue.

Fill in the user’s name and email. You will also select an appropriate role for your user from the Roles dropdown.

User Roles

Available User roles are:

Superuser \- Has full access to the company’s billing and administrative features as well and creating shipments and pickups.

Basic user \- Has access to create labels and pickups. They won’t see billing or other admin features.

Limited user \- Will only have access to ship to addresses that are available to them in the company address book.

Dashboard User - Coming Soon…

Once you’ve entered the user information and desired role, hit Save and the user will now appear below in the list view.

Editing a User

When necessary, you may edit a User’s name or role by clicking the Edit button.

This will bring up the User dialogue where you can make necessary changes to either Name or Role.

Deleting a User

You may also delete a user when necessary by clicking the Delete button on the far right.

Before deleting a user, you will be prompted to confirm you wish to proceed.

Ordering Shipping Supplies

You may place a supplies order through ShipBoss by navigating to the Supplies tab and clicking the Create New Order tab. This will bring up the Create New Order dialogue.

**Please Note:** Supplies are limited, so we ask you only order supplies you will be using for order places through ShipBoss.

Select your desired carrier from the Choose Carrier dropdown. This will show the available carrier shipping supplies you may order.

Select the item and amount you wish to order and hit Preview Order. You’ll be shown an Order Summary allowing you to review your order and make necessary changes before confirming.

Once you confirm the order, it will appear below in List view with its current status. And you will receive email confirmation.

Once your order is processed, you will receive a page notification and and a status email update (if opted). You may also see the supplies order status by going to the Supplies tab on the Admin page.

Updated on: 30/11/2022

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