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Ship Page Overview

ShipBoss Help Center : Ship Page Overview

Address Configuration

The Ship page is where you set your shipping parameters and print labels.

From Address

Set your origin shipping Address and Contact details by hitting Custom Address or from the Address Book

Edit address or contact info by selecting Edit

To Address

Set your destination address and recipient contact info. You may select your To Address from the Address Book dropdown or enter a custom address by hitting the “Custom Address” button.

You may edit an existing address or contact details by hitting the Edit button.

Tip: You can use the Residential Address toggle feature to mark the recipient address as residential.

Custom Address

When entering a custom address, use the Address Search field to easily search. Once you see your address and select it, the info will populate in the appropriate fields below.

Package Details


Select your package type from the dropdown (i.e., Envelope, Customer Packaging, Medium Box, etc.).

Package Dimensions

Customer Packaging will give you the option to select from your preset custom package dimensions using the Choose Dimensions dropdown.

You may also enter your custom dimensions below along with the package weight.


Choose add-ons from the Choose Option dropdown.

Getting Rates

After hitting Get Rates our package will appear below and rates will populate.

Reset Shipment

To reset your shipment parameters, simply click the Reset Shipment button located above the Address section.

International Shipments

Enter International Customs Info, including Package description and value.

Email notifications

Set email notifications on your shipments.

Confirm and Print Label

Set your label type preference, print parameters, or email recipient. You may also toggle the “Required Pickup” button to schedule a pickup for the shipment.

Ship Page Visual Overview

Updated on: 18/11/2022

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