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Address Book

ShipBoss Help Center : Address Book Overview

Address Book

The Address Book is where you’ll store all your frequent shipping addresses and contact info.

You may access the Address Book page by heading over to the Address Book tab.

Your company address will be automatically added to your address book.

Adding an Address:

Add a new address by clicking the Add New button.

The Create Address dialogue will appear. You have the option of saving the address to the User or the Company Address Book. Addresses saved to the Company Address Book will be visible to the entire company.

Once you hit “Save” your new address will appear below marked "new".

Editing an Address

You may edit an address by clicking on the Edit button to the right of the address.
This will bring up the Edit Address dialogue where you may make changes to the address and contact info.
You can also switch between user and company address books.

Setting a Default Address:

To set a default address, click on the user icon in the upper right corner and click Settings to navigate to the Settings page.

Next look for the Default Address section and select an address from the dropdown.
Then click “Save” at the bottom of the “Settings” page.
The selected address will now be the default From Address whenever you create a new shipment.

Deleting an address

You may delete an unwanted address by clicking on the Delete button to the right of the address. You will be asked if your sure you want to delete it.
Keep in mind, once an address is deleted it can not be recovered.

Shipping to an address in your Address Book

In your Address Book, simply click the Ship To This Address button. This will bring you to the Ship page with the selected address filled out in the To Address section.
Then fill out the rest of your shipment details to get your quotes.

Importing bulk addresses from a CSV file.

In ShipBoss, you have the option of importing your addresses from a CSV file directly into your ShipBoss address book.

Head over to the Address Book tab on the ShipBoss menu.

Select Download Sample.
This will give you a CSV file with prefilled column names for you to input your address data.

Be sure to match your column data to the sample columns as shown below.

Each address can be set to save to the user’s personal address book, or the company’s address book.
In the save\_to column, enter either user or company.

Once the data is lined up with the sample format, save the file as CSV and click Import on the ShipBoss Address Book page.
Navigate to your CSV file and select it, then click Import and ShipBoss will upload the addresses into your address book.

Once ShipBoss is finished processing the file you will get a notification that your addresses were successfully imported, after which they will appear below in the list.

Correcting Invalid Addresses from upload

Sometimes imported addresses are incomplete or invalid, if thats the case ShipBoss will filter them into a separate tab in your address book called "Hidden Addresses".
The "Hidden Addresses" tab will only appear if ShipBoss had a problem with one or more of your addresses. Invalid addresses won't be available for shipping until they are corrected.

To correct any invalid addresses, navigate to the Hidden Addresses tab.

The invalid or missing info for each address will be highlighted in red.

Clicking the Fix Address button will bring up the Edit Address dialogue highlighting the field with the invalid or missing info.

Once corrected click Save, your corrected address will now be available in your address book and the ship page.

Exporting your Address Book as a CSV file

You may export your Address Book from ShipBoss for use elsewhere.

Simply click on the Export button to download a CSV file with all the addresses and contact info you saved to ShipBoss.

Updated on: 17/11/2022

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