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Schedule a Pickup

ShipBoss Help Center : Scheduling a Pickup

Scheduling a Pickup Overview.

Scheduling a pickup from the Pickups page

To schedule a carrier pickup for your shipment, head over to the Pickups tab.

Select Schedule Pickup

Select your shipment’s carrier:

Set your Pickup parameters including, pickup address, contact details, and pickup details.

Once you click Submit Pickup you will see a message confirming the pickup was successfully scheduled.

If you receive an error, try adjusting your pickup window to 4 hours instead of three. If problems still persist, please contact your customer service representative.

Your pickups will appear below with the pickup information as well as the confirmation number.

When necessary, you may cancel a pickup by hitting Cancel Pickup.

Scheduling a pickup from the “Ship” page

On the Ship page, after selecting your shipping method, toggle the This shipment requires pickup switch. You will see a message below notifying you that you will be prompted to enter a pickup date and time after confirming your shipment.

Once you hit Confirm and Print, your label/s will print and you will be shown a thumbnail sample along with a Pickup date and time submission form.

After hitting Submit Pickup you will see a message confirming the pickup was successfully scheduled.

You may view your Pickup details in the Pickups tab.

Scheduling a Pickup from the “History” page

You also have the option for setting a pickup for your shipment directly from the History

Navigate to the History tab and you’ll see your shipments in list form.

To the right of the shipment you wish to set a Pickup for, select “[**Actions**](” to view the dropdown.

Selecting Create Pickup will bring up the Schedule Pickup dialogue where you may set your Pickup parameters.

Updated on: 09/01/2023

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