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Printing your Shipping Labels

ShipBoss Help Center : Printing your Shipment Labels

Printing your Shipment Labels

ShipBoss offers a number of features to make it easier to print and view your labels.

Printing your Labels from the “Ship” Page

You’ll print your labels in the final section of the [Ship](/en/article/creating-a-shipment-7t1a73/)page once you confirm your shipment.

Label Type

Choose your label type from the Choose Label Type dropdown.

Confirming and Printing your Labels

Once your address, package details and label type are set, you can go ahead and print your labels by clicking the Confirm and Print button.

The system will generate your Labels and they will open in a new screen.

**Important**: When printing labels for the first time, you’ll need to allow pop-up permissions in your browser.

You will also see your labels back on the **Ship**” page along with the tracking numbers. Clicking on the Printer icon will open the Labels again in a new browser tab.

Emailing your Labels

By default, ShipBoss will print out the Labels to a new browser which you may print out and attach to your shipment or download in PDF format.

You also have the option of emailing them to another party in PDF format by toggling the Send by Email switch. This will automatically email your labels to the “Sender” as an attachment.

**Tip:** Hovering over the small information icon will show which email address the labels will be emailed to.

Printing a Label from the “History” page.

You also have the option to print your label from the History page.

Head over to the History tab where you will see your past shipments listed.

Click on the Actions button to show the available actions, and select Print Label.

You label will generate and open in a new browser tab where you may download it as PDF or print it.

Updated on: 17/11/2022

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